Cabinet Installation

With decades of experience installing European and Custom cabinets, RFB Construction can handle jobs of any type and size.  Our focus is on completing the job on time and correct the first time.  We accomplish this by coordinating and managing every aspect of the installation, from the initial design review down to the final walk through.  Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we know the value of a referral from a satisfied client.

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Kitchen Remodel

In addition to cabinet installation, RFB construction can handle the full scope of your kitchen remodel.  With a team of highly qualified tradesman, we are able to handle whatever comes our way.

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Full Home Remodel

In addition to kitchens, we have experience with entire home projects, commercial and office spaces, design showrooms, and trade shows.  Whether you are considering removing a wall or updating your entire home we can provide the support, knowledge, and experience you are looking for.

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Why choose RFB?

At RFB construction, every client we work with becomes family.  We are invited into your home to bring a vision to life, and we accept this responsibility with great respect and appreciation.  We begin our process by discussing your goals, needs, and ideas for the project.  We discuss our initial concept for how the project can be completed as effectively and efficiently as possible and work to come to a consensus on how to move forward.

Another key component of our process is communication.  We want to ensure that you are aware of what is happening on the project and that expectations are communicated and met.  We do this by providing timely updates on progress as well as constant review of progress in relation to schedule.  A construction project can be chaotic, and our goal is bring calm and order to the space.  We take the stress of ensuring that the project continues as needed so you are free to enjoy the dream bring brought to life.

Try as we might, mistakes and delays do happen.  No one is perfect, though that does not stop us from trying.  Through clear communication and a team reviewing your project at every step, we work to avoid these types of issues, or at least mitigate the impact they will have on your project.


Next Steps…

As great as our website is, nothing communicates more effectively than completed project and client referrals.  Please call or email us to get more information about our company and how we can bring your vision to life.

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